2016 Conferences & Meetings

This year I will be attending several meetings talking about high-precision nanometrology. You can come find me and chat at:

  • EMCat, Berlin (Jan. 27-29),
  • ESTEEM2 Meeting, Düsseldorf (Feb 29 – Mar 2),
  • JEOL, Tokyo (Apr. 4-19),
  • CCEM School, McMaster University (May 29 – Jun. 3),
  • SCANDEM, Trondheim (Jun. 7-10).
  • JEOL UK ARM Users Meeting, Glasgow (Jun. 14-15).
  • “New Trends in EM”, Schloss Ringberg (Jun. 22-24),
  • EMC, Lyon (Aug. 28 – Sep. 2),
  • “Future Technologies in EM”, York (Sept. 12-13),
  • NPRL Seminar, U. Birmingham (Sept. 28th).

EMCat 2016

CCEM School Group Picture

Ringberg 2016


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