Hi I’m Lewys Jones, an Ussher Assistant Professor of Ultramicroscopy in the School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin. I lead the Ultramicroscopy research group, focussed on instrument and technique development for high-performance electron microscopy.

My current research in metrology development is based around exploring the design and function of the aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM), to improve the analysis of atomic-resolution annular dark-field  (ADF) data and EELS and EDX chemical mapping. Themes include ADF normalisation by detector efficiency, correction of scan-noise and scan-distortion and correction of artefacts in EELS spectra.

How to Create Custom Colormaps in Digital Micrograph

The default colormap in Digital Micrograph is greyscale, but different applications or communities ofter use other colour look-up tables (CLUT) to highlight certain features or present data more artistically. You can see your colour scale choices in DM by right-clicking on an image and selecting “ImageDisplay…” or by pressing ctrl+D, then selecting ‘Display’ > ‘Color’, you will see something like this:

DM Colormap

2017 Conferences & Meetings


In 2017 I will be attending several meetings talking about high-precision nanometrology and spectroscopy. You can come find me and chat at:

  • MSM-XX, Oxford, UK (April 9th-13th),
  • EDGE, Okinawa, Japan (May 14th-19th)
  • CCEM Summer School, McMaster University, Canada (June 5-9),
  • MMC/EMAG, Manchester, UK (Jul. 3rd-6th),
  • M&M2017, St. Louis USA (Aug. 6th-10th),
  • FWO Scientific Research Network, Hasselt, Belgium (Sept. 25th),
  • CMO Workshop, Oaxaca, Mexico (Oct. 15th-20th).