2016 Conferences & Meetings

This year I will be attending several meetings talking about high-precision nanometrology. You can come find me and chat at:

  • EMCat, Berlin (Jan. 27-29),
  • ESTEEM2 Meeting, Düsseldorf (Feb 29 – Mar 2),
  • JEOL, Tokyo (Apr. 4-19),
  • CCEM School, McMaster University (May 29 – Jun. 3),
  • SCANDEM, Trondheim (Jun. 7-10).
  • JEOL UK ARM Users Meeting, Glasgow (Jun. 14-15).
  • “New Trends in EM”, Schloss Ringberg (Jun. 22-24),
  • EMC, Lyon (Aug. 28 – Sep. 2),
  • “Future Technologies in EM”, York (Sept. 12-13),
  • NPRL Seminar, U.

2015 Summer School Tutorials

EMAT & CCEM Schools

This year my summer school tutorials included three venues including the European Workshop on Microbeam Analysis, Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy (CCEM) School, and the EMAT Workshop on Transmission Electron Microscopy (standing in for Prof. Nellist). Copies of the presentation slides are available to registered students from their course organisers.

The topics covered include the tools and skills needed to record, analyse, and interpret atomic resolution quantitative ADF STEM data. Classes were also available in scan-noise correction and image registration.

A review article which follows the lecture material entitled “Quantitative ADF STEM: acquisition, analysis and interpretation” will soon be available in Journal of Physics Conference Series.