STEM Image Scan-noise Compensation Software

Correcting scan-noise and image-drift to improve both resolution and SNR and simplify image interpretation.

Scan-noise Corrected Nanoparticle

HAADF STEM image of a bi-metallic nanoparticle after scan-noise correction using the Jitterbug software (raw data courtesy: Katherine MacArthur / Armand Beche)

With modern STEM instruments routinely achieving sub-Angstrom resolutions, the importance of scan stability has never been more important. However unless the instrument, or microscope suite, is extremely stable (no probe wobble / scan noise) and there is no specimen drift (no image shear) then careful interpretation of the recorded image may be required.

To remedy this problem the Jitterbug software package has been developed to determine the presence of scan noise, probe wobble and sample drift and to correct for these in post-processing. This code has so far demonstrated resolution improvement of up to 16% and signal-noise ratio (SNR) improvements of 61% can be obtained where images have been affected by these effects and restored.

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